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  • About the Nelson Law Firm, P.C.
    Alan Nelson and Susan I. Nelson formed The Nelson Law Firm, P.C. in 2000 to represent individuals and small businesses in personal injury, insurance claims, consumer complaints and civil litigation. In 2003, Susan began representing individuals and businesses in immigration matters. Contact us at )254) 754-9990
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Forfeiture is becoming more and more prevalent in this country. To see the hundreds of pages of property our Government has seized from citizens and hopes to keep, go to "forfeiture.gov" and check the "attorney" button at the bottom.
You could lose your property for failure to file a timely claim...and if you do file a claim, you case becomes "judicial forfeiture" so you would be well advised to hire an attorney. Many people just give up. There are hundreds of laws on the books that could result in the seizure of your property, even if you've never committed a crime.

company in Cyprus

A U.S. District Court judge this month issued a stunning rebuke to Homeland Security agents in Houston. According to the opinion by Judge Lynn Hughes, the agents manipulated the confusion of an innocent family so they could wrongfully take "all their money" - more than $35,000 - in order to "earn credit with their agency" and supervisors. The judge ordered the money returned to the family, concluding that federal officials "played agency games, abused the people they are to serve, and violated their oaths to support the Constitution."

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