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Cindy Voss

I am a U.S. citizen currently living abroad but very concerned about the Texas border not being properly patroled and guarded. In fact, my husband and I are so concerned we have seriously considered living outside the U.S. when we retire. Our children and grandchildren live in Texas and Arizona.....two states that have illegal immigration issues that are out of control. I have written and congratulated Arizona's governor and have written Governor Perry requesting he take similiar action.

THANK YOU for stepping up to the plate and putting this as a priority on your agenda.

Susan I. Nelson

Cindy -- I'm glad you are following my blog. Border security is a very important issue for both Texas and Arizona. I'm afraid that I disagree that illegal immigration issues here are out of control. In the interior of Texas (I'm in Waco), although there are undocumented people living here, most are law abiding people with strong family ties who have lived here for many years. Unfortunately, the federal immigration laws have made it a very long and difficult process for them to legalize. Many people here have had petitions on file for over 15 years and still are not eligible to receive their green cards (permanent residence).

I encourage you to consider living in Texas when you retire (I can't speak for Arizona). The quality of life here is good, and we have suffered less from the recession than most states. Our hispanic population adds a richness to our culture that I really enjoy and appreciate. (It's hard to get good Mexican food in other states).

May I publish your comment on my blog?

Cindy Voss

Yes, you may post my comments. However, perhaps I need to clarify..... when I state that 'illegal immigration is out of control', I mean that our Federal Government has not properly kept track of illegals (be they hispanic, asian, european, african, middle eastern, etc.) and deported them in a timely manner. Plus, the border states...be it the Canadian or Mexican border... have not had the needed personnel. My family came from abroad and I fully understand the issues with the waiting..... but my family also did it legally. THAT is where I take issue. Plus, as a person who lives abroad, I fully understand the consequences of being in a foreign country and what could/would happen to me should I out stay my visa.

Susan I. Nelson

have you watched the National Geographic "Border Wars" documentary? It is excellent. http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/series/border-wars/all/Overview

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