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That can be an interesting topic. “In America, children are never held liable for the unlawful actions of their parents.” I believe so.


This is truly an unfortunate scenario that America faces because yes, there are immigrants that enter the country illegally and they have children here. These children are innocent parties to these crimes and weren't given a choice. To them, America is their home so what should be done? All I can say is that it is a lose, lose situation for the child. The best answer is to promote entering the country legally.


Regardless of the issue at hand, no one enjoys hearing that a child has been separated from their family. However, this happens in immigration cases, which is why it is so important that people facing immigration issues, hire a lawyer to represent them. Seeking professional assistance guarantees that you will receive the best possible outcome available. It is better not to risk being separating from family members so, if you can always go the extra mile to get the necessary help.

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