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Joseph M. Jachetti

I've clicked on the link for more details on the story.

Deportation just because one committed a criminal offense is not right. Naz, was a naturalized citizen and revoking his green card because of drug issues is baloney.

I hope that Hope raises enough funds to be able to hire a good Immigration lawyer to win their case. There might also be Immigration Centers in Waco that offers free services.

Explore all options possible!

Susan I. Nelson

Thanks for your interest. I agree that Naz has a very sympathetic case. However, I wanted to correct one thing, he is not a naturalized citizen but is still a legal permanent resident (LPR). The law is very unforgiving for LPRs who commit drug offenses and does not give Immigration Judges or prosecutors any discretion or ability to consider rehabilitation or other positive facts in those cases.

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