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Oliver Ponce

I am OPPOSED to the bill SB 9 and the implementation of REAL ID, an unfunded, unconstitutional federal mandate. According to Steve McCraw, Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, SB 9 will "nationalize our Texas Driver's Licenses" by bringing Texas "into compliance with the REAL ID Act." McCraw says that the Department needs $63 MILLION to upgrade equipment. This will make sure that DPS is able to collect, store, and maintain biometric information, including ALL fingerprints (rather than just the thumb) and facial scans. $133 MILLION over the next two yers will also be used to create six “mega centers” to handle the influx of “business”. To mask this increase in spending, the Texas DPS is proposing a fee-based DL system. This administrative “Transportation Tax System” will fund the new equipment necessary to collect and maintain our sensative biometric information, just one of the requirements of REAL ID.


In a way, SB 9 might be BETTER than the house version. It requires that people booked into jail be checked through the federal database. I hope the senate approves it and then the house approves it. After all, Governor Perry promised this as an EMERGENCY bill.


i hope they dont approve it ... i think republicans are so rascist ... and should stop it because thanks to the immigrants the U.S.is what is been???

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