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Duke Machado

Hello Susan. Thank you for posting this. My Google alert notified me of the post, but I couldn't find it anywhere on KWBU's site. Looks like you've got an "in" at KWBU...

It's interesting how you chose to use the phrase "may not lead to citizenship." It's like seeing the glass half empty or half full.

In my opinion, it would be a much greater benefit, to many more people, to develop a documentation process, allowing people, who are not citizens, to live here legally. There needs to be a mechanism that allows people to progress toward citizenship, if they want to. That means learning English, etc...etc...

Rather than only helping a few, since we may not get another opportunity for 20-30 years, we should provide a way for people to begin the process. If they have the desire to advance toward citizenship, we should have a process for them to do so.

Some may call it a pathway to citizenship. I don't see what's wrong with giving people a way to become a citizen, if they qualify...(not terrorists, cartel, gangs, criminals)

There are several layers of undocumented immigrants. As Retired Justice, Felipe Reyna says, "1. Those who love this country and everything it stands for and want to become citizens. 2. Those who are here to work and provide for their families back home. 3. Drug dealers, cartels, gangs and criminals. 4. Terrorists who want to come here to kill us. Those in categories 3 & 4, need to be deported immediately. Those in category 1 & 2, we need to find a way for them to become documented and work toward citizenship."

Susan I. Nelson

Hello Duke --

The language came from the reporter Becky Fogel.

I'm encouraged that you support a path to legalization for a broader group of undocumented people; however, I believe that the DREAM Act should be able to stand alone and would not preclude others also being placed on a path to citizenship. I encourage you and GOPisForMe to change your position on the DREAM Act and support it in addition to legalization for others.

When the DREAM Act was last debated in the Senate, the reason most Republicans who opposed it gave was the possibility of "chain migration" or the ability of DREAMers to sponsor their parents and other relatives. That being the case, it seems unlikely that the Republican party will get behind a path to legal status for anyone.

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